Camping , a healthy alternative to enjoy your holidays

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Going camping has a lot of health benefits. Studies by the University of Plymouth and The Camping and Caravan Club of Great Britain show that engaging in open air activities and being in contact with nature is very beneficial for people’s minds and bodies.

  • Burn calories
    Going camping allows us to exercise, walk long distances or climb mountains. This exercise brings us health benefits and makes us become more aware of our environment.
  • Boost your mood
    Being in contact with fresh air relaxes our mind and improves our mood. Camping allows us to break with the daily routine.Campiing
  • Find your inner self
    The calm and peace of being alone in the middle of nature will bring us to a state where it is easier to connect with ourselves. Contemplate the stars or see the rivers stream serves as a meditation exercise and has clear health benefits for us.
  • Complete Disconnection
    If we go to an isolated area, far from the urban centers and in the middle of nature, there will be reasons to find other ways of enjoying our free time. This will be a good moment to connect with our inner self and develop our creativity.
  • Improve your sleep quality
    We won’t need a watch to tell us the time, we will let the sun and moon guide our days. Natural light has a very positive impact on our organism, normalizing the heat rate.

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