Campsites, a unique combination for family holidays with kids

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Different-size and appealing swimming pools, sport areas for all ages, playgrounds, bicycles you can use as your personal vehicle to discover a brand new world around you… This is a small universe set in a monitored, safe and open space that provides teens with a certain independence, –making them feel proper adults, of course!– as well as parents, with total quietness. Campsites offer families with kids a unique combination for their holidays.


Of course, children do always get along pretty well, and a relation that begins with a bit of shyness in the early stages ends up become a proper friendship, even after holidays… And, as it happens, tears appear when it’s time, inevitably, to go back home. This is why many decide to give another go; this is reason, loyalty families develop towards a given destination. Campsites are a small paradise for their kids.


Swimming pools and water sports are ideal to rehydrate skin after long sunbathing days, but also work pretty well on creating the perfect refreshing and entertaining solution. Besides, endless football games, which appear to have been inspired by Captain Tsubasa; exciting expeditions out of and into tents to let parents know they’re not just happy, but having the time of their lives; workshops, shows and activities… and those high-speed dinners, while friends are waiting for them to pop out back again. And night games!


Then, when it’s time to explore the world beyond the campsite with the family, they find that, just a few miles away, there are 2 outstanding theme parks known as PortAventura Park and PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park; or some pretty amazing golden-sand and gentle-slope beaches that carefully merge with the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea of the Delta; or a proper natural inland area with dream villages; and original festivities and traditions you just have to see for yourself.


All in all, makes campsites such a magical and special location for families with kids, and a unique combination for the best holidays ever.


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