Overnight rate, the reduced rate for motorhomes

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Overnight rate, the reduced rate for motorhomes

If you are a lover of traveling in a motorhome, you love to travel and above all to enjoy at your leisure, what we are going to explain to you is of interest to you!

It is now possible to stay at a Camping in Tarragona with an overnight rate or reduced rate so that you make a STOP on your way. This rate is designed for those travelers who are passing through and who access the campsite late in the afternoon, to leave first thing in the morning the next day.

All the services of the plot are included in the rate: water connection, electricity connection, internet… And, during this short stay, the campsite offers you all the services: swimming pool, gym, laundry, showers, restaurant, spa …

Which campsites in Tarragona offer an overnight rate or a reduced rate?

The campsites in Tarragona that offer this type of accommodation are:

Gran Tour Catalunya in Motorhome

In addition, if you are thinking of visiting the province of Tarragona with your motorhome, we suggest the Gran Tour Catalunya, which covers the main points of interest from different routes.

You can visit the province of Tarragona at your own pace. See the sun rise on the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, discover the Ebro Delta, fall in love with the landscapes of Priorat or see the spectacular sunset from Siurana.

Specifically, routes 1 and 2 of the Gran Tour Catalunya en Autocaravana are those that cross the province of Tarragona.

And if you still want more, the following routes will take you to discover other spaces in the provinces of Lleida, Girona and Barcelona.

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