What size should a family camping tent have?

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Are you thinking about your next holidays but you don’t have a camping tent just yet? We’ll provide 5 great ideas on the following post, so you get the perfect camping tent for some pretty unforgettable holidays.


  • Firstly, identify the way the tent will be used and what size it should be. Let’s not forget, it should be comfy for hours, no matter the weather.


  • Secondly, you should ask yourselves what kind of holidays you’re looking for. If you’d rather spend a short period of time, that it, two or three days, or even a weekend, you should get a tent that is both very light and easy to set up. However, if you’re willing to spend a long period of time on holidays, you should go for a tent that has a wider habitable area, with plenty of storage space for our camping tools and equipment.


  • And now, do you know how many people are you taking with you? A tent’s capability is yet another factor to consider when buying yours. If you’re going on a long holiday, we’d like to suggest tents with opposite rooms, and day and night areas.


  • What would be a fair price? Quality should be a key factor. Our tip: buy a tent with a minimum of quality, so the investment really pays off.


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